Start your own free file hosting service, very simple and cost free!

With this code, you can actually start your own file hosting service without paying the monthly expensive server, server maintenance, buying programming script and does not require technical knowledge. The code is a simple HTML/Javascript, clean, ad free and will not take any resources in your website.
So instead of using other file hosting service why not start your own using this code and earn what other file hosting business earned.

Advantages and Features:
  • Simply paste the HTML/Javascript code in your Blog/website and our system will do the rest.
  • You will have your own File Upload/Hosting Service.
  • We take care of all the storage and bandwidth management.
  • Your website is the gateway to the download page, so more visitors coming in and keep returning to your website.
  • Take advantage of your visitors by placing sponsors ad in your Blog/website.
  • Change the color to blend with your web page (change the value of bgcolor= and textcolor= in the code).
  • and it cost a BIG $0 for you.

** Code **
Click to auto Select All, then Copy and Paste

Sample output, code placed in Blog, visit

How it works:
  • Copy the code to any of your web page or create a new page.
  • The code have File Upload and Uploaded Listing features.
  • Once you placed the code to your webpage, this is active and ready.
  • You can now try to upload a file.
  • Once you uploaded a file, the download URL for the file is your own website where the code is placed.
  • It means your website is the gateway to the actual download URL.
  • So if you have files you want to share online, use your own file hosting in your website instead.
  • With this, you can take advantage of visitors coming in and returning to your site to download the files.
  • Place ad sponsors in your website and earn for these visitors, just like other file hosting sites.
  • You now have file hosting business with zero cost.
  • The code is properly working in any blog sites (ex., just Paste the Code in the Edit HTML Tab on your Blogger. To see the active code in blog site visit
  • Instead of using other file hosting site, create your own blog at, add this code, place ad sponsors in your blog, and use your own Upload service to share your files, you are now promoting your blog site by sharing your files.

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